01. Beer companies often [sponsor] large sporting events.
02. A major corporation has withdrawn its [sponsorship] of the sporting event due to rumors of drug use by the athletes.
03. Sports Traders [sponsored] our neighborhood badminton tournament, giving us a couple of gift certificates as prizes, and a discount on our purchase of racquets.
04. Would you like to [sponsor] me for the skate-a-thon to raise money for flood victims in Venezuela?
05. Many sporting events are [sponsored] by cigarette companies, which pay thousands of dollars to have their name associated with the event.
06. We are looking for a [sponsor] to help fund our local soccer team.
07. The Food Site is an Internet site which is [sponsored] by a number of businesses, and which donates food to starving children in the developing world.
08. A local fast-food restaurant has agreed to [sponsor] our neighborhood girl's softball team.
09. The festival has been saved thanks to the [sponsorship] of a number of major corporations.
10. Would you like to [sponsor] me in a run to raise money for cancer research?
11. Over the years, sporting goods manufacturer Nike has spent more than one billion dollars to [sponsor] athletes and teams around the world.
12. In a sense, everyone in the nation of Bhutan is a [sponsor] of the arts because everyone gives donations to monasteries, and helps to fund festivals.
13. Many businesses in Norway [sponsor] athletic teams in a number of sports.
14. Our [sponsorship] of the event is designed to generate more goodwill towards our organization.
15. The U.S. is accusing the country's leader of [sponsoring] terrorism.
16. Someone once remarked that one of the best things about reading is that the exciting part will never be interrupted by a word from the [sponsor].
17. Restrictions on tobacco advertising and [sponsorship] are key parts of a global treaty being organized by the World Health Organization to reduce smoking.

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